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About The Commonwealth Fund Services

We provide comprehensive fund solutions including Fund Accounting, Transfer Agency and Shareholder Services with a unique level of customized support that sets Commonwealth Fund Services apart from the competition. In an industry that evolves daily, we continually improve our systems and processes in order to provide the most valuable fund solutions to the investment management community.

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, the Commonwealth Fund Services has developed a unique business structure that for more than 30 years has focused on the creation and administration of Funds.

Our commitment to integrity and desire to assist our client base while providing cost effective services at competitive pricing has allowed Commonwealth Fund Services to succeed in today's challenging and ever-changing investment industry.

From startups to acquisitions, mergers, and adoptions, Commonwealth services both single stand- alone funds as well as fund families. Commonwealth has been an innovator in the fund world. It’s expertise in international investing, new product development, and custom fund development has resulted in the acquisition of several of its successful clients over the years giving their managers a profitable exit strategy.

Why Commonwealth?

Commonwealth Fund Services possess a successful history in the Fund industry. Some of the many reasons our clients and partners choose us include:

  • Complete Fund Services
  • Teamwork
  • Experience
  • State-of-the-Art Software
  • Solutions
  • Product Diversity


Commonwealth functions like a family, with each related company working together to provide superior quality service. It is our goal to work as a team to offer complete fund solutions. We value the benefits of one-on-one support and ensure that even our senior management is accessible to our clients.

Actions are taken when consideration for regulations and the potential impact to all operating units have been well communicated and agreed upon.

Our companies are tasked with seeking innovative opportunities to expand our clients' business using their creativity, knowledge and communication to their fullest extent.


Our Organization delivers superior services through integrated solutions. Our combined structure facilitates a rapid response to our clients’ needs through a single coordinated point. Commonwealth Fund Services include:

Administration: Value-added Fund Administration and Compliance that delivers a high level of service and responsiveness to all clients. We can also provide the personnel, references and the tools required to remain compliant in a highly regulated Industry.

Transfer Agency: Integrated Transfer Agent Services to meet the shareholder servicing needs of a diverse range of fund products including full NSCC functionality to support financial intermediaries.

Fund Accounting: Comprehensive Fund Accounting providing pricing and reporting services.

First Dominion Capital Corporation: Registered Broker-Dealer and Underwriter/Distributor facilitating vital relationships with broker dealers, supermarket platforms and advisory firms.